Green Care case studies wanted

If you are aware of an initiative on this topic, we are happy to hear from you!

Hello Green Care social innovators and entrepreneurs,
in the last few weeks, we have been busy in Green4C working hard on receiving, sorting, and trying to select our case studies to showcase on our Green4C Alliance Platform. This is no easy task as there are so many interesting and innovative cases. That said, we are still open to new ideas.
We invite all potential Green4C social innovators and entrepreneurs to join our Alliance and send an e-mail by Friday (09/10/20) with information describing your ideas to

What are we searching for?

We are interested in case studies that consider themselves nature-based solutions with a focus on health, well-being, and social inclusion, especially in Europe.
If you are aware of an initiative on this topic without formally representing it, we are still happy to hear from you.
Don’t worry, if your cases don’t get selected, they will be added to our alliance platform and kept up-to-date on all future activities and opportunities!

Share your case study with us by Friday 9th, October!

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