Green4C hackathons: a true Green Care contest

6 European countries, 6 events, 6 challenges, 1 solution: Green Care

The Green4C hackathons are open to students, experts, professionals, and practitioners with innovative ideas in Green Care. The aim of these hackathons is to provide the best solution to a complex Green Care challenge. In total, Green4C organises 6 different hackathons, which will be hosted by different project partners in 6 European countries: Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Romania . Each hackathon will focus on a local Green Care challenge.

What is an hackathon?

Hackathons are sprint-like events where participants team up to find the best solution to a specific challenge. These event usually last between 12 and 24 hours, during which participants work no-stop. By the end of the hackathons, each team should present a solution, which is then assessed by an evaluation committee.  

Interconnecting Forests and Health
How to equip a healing forest with furniture for green care programs?

In November, the Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald – BFW will host an exciting competition for the best ideas and prototypes of sustainable outdoor furniture for Green Care programs in the first healing forest of Austria.

Students and graduates from three different schools (forestry, health sciences and carpentry) will form small interdisciplinary groups and compete in a 24 hours marathon each other. Experts from various fields will mentor them and a jury will award attractive prizes to the winners.


Time: From Monday 14 November 12:00 till Tuesday 15 November 12:00 (24 hours) 
Location: Monastery in Furth bei Göttweig, Lower Austria
Language: German
Costs: free, accommodation is included

For more information, please contact or

Health in the City
How can we all get more Green Care?

On the 23rd of November, the European Forest Institute in Bonn will host an hackathon to develop useful, creative, or entertaining Urban green care ideas in relation to the question “How we can all get more Green Care?” This topic also address fundings for environmental education and forest therapy, the integration of Green Care as a preventive service from health insurance companies, innovative and viable private sector initiatives, and much more!

The question is big and so is our target audience: pupils, students, employees from the health sector or urban planning … everyone interested in anwering this question is invited to take part in our hackathon!


Time: 23rd of November 2022
Location: European Forest Institute, Bonn
Language: German
Costs: free

Climate challenges facing Irish eco-systems
How can we overcome them?

Meath Partnership and the University College Dublin are calling members of the public that are passionate about addressing climate challenges to join a 1-day event to improve the eco-systems in the Irish society. Environmental practitioners, climate change activists, active citizens, community educators, students and community members will come together to find innovative solutions.

Does climate change concern you? Are you interested in living a more sustainable life and finding sustainable solutions to community problems?
Connect with like-minded people and help us tackle this Green Care challenge!


Time: 5th of November 2022
Location: Bective Mill, Navan, Co Meath (C15H519), Ireland
Language: English
Costs: free, ayurvedic lunch, yoga and sauna included

Green and blue, the colours of wellbeing
Thermal wellness and green care in the Euganean Hills, a win win combination?

The University of Padova and Etifor have organised an intensive competition to find innovative solutions to promote Green Care within the thermal centre of Abano-Montegrotto. Abano-Montegrotto is a well-known thermal centre, especially appreciated for the benefits of its thermal springs and the good quality of its services. At the same time, the nature around Abano-Montegrotto offers a good environment to experience Green Care, allowing to expand the health and wellbeing benefits of the thermal centre.

During the hackathon, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of Green and Blue Care while engaging in creative problem-solving activities. Experts and mentors will be present to support participant better understand the connection between nature and wellbeing and especially how this can be integrated in an innovative offer for visitors.


Time: 1st of December 2022
Location: Casa per Ferie San Marco, Abano-Montegrotto, Padova
Language: Italian and English
Costs: free

Green Care and Society
What would be the future?

In November, the Wageningen University and Research will host an hackathon to explore how the concept of Green Care can be promoted in the Dutch society, with a specific focus on social farming.

Social farming can be beneficial for different vulnerable target  groups, but also has positive effects on farmers and their family, volunteers on farm, costumers. During the hackathon, students, care farmers and practitioners, professionals interested in Green Care, will have to come up with innovative ideas to connect Green Care and society. The aim is to find a way in which a wider audience can benefit from being on a farm, farmland or green environment.


Time: 17th of November 2022
Location: Wageningen University & De Hoge Born care farm, Wageningen
Language: English
Costs: free

Hacking Green care tourism in Romania
How can we increase knowledge in this sector?

The University of Brasov and Forest Design will host a challenge related to Green care tourism, with the aim to increase knowledge and awareness on this sector and its potential.

Participants will be divided into groups and map the Green Care infrastructure of a randomly assigned region, assessing needs and future developments. At the end of the hackathon, each team will present an analysis of the Green care’s needs, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of each region.


Time: 14th of October 2022
Location: University of Brasov
Language: Romanian
Costs: free

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