Priyanka Salunkhe

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  • Description

  • Join As: Individual
  • Name: Priyanka
  • Surname: Salunkhe
  • Role: Technical Assistant
  • Organisation Name: IFGTB, ICFRE
  • Legal Status: Government of India autonomous
  • Main Sector: Public
  • Specific Sector: Forestry
  • City: Coimbatore
  • Country: India
  • Social:
  • Apply As: Green4C Entrepreneur
  • Interested In: Forest-based Care, Urban Green Care, Green Care Tourism, Green Care
  • Description: Am a forestry graduate, have completed Masters in Environment Management from Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, and currently pursuing doctorate degree from Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (ICFRE, MoEF&CC), Coimbatore. My doctoral research project "Spatial mapping, assessment of carbon sequestration potential and valuation of ecosystem services provided by urban tree cover of Mumbai city" is an extension of my quest to explore the contribution of urban green spaces to make cities more sustainable, and how this green wealth is silently contributing to mitigate climate change.
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