Green for care

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Green for Health
and Social Inclusion


By “Forest-based care” we indicate all Green Care activities, ranging from health promotion to health intervention, that take place inside a forest such as, for example,  forest bathing, green exercise initiatives and forest therapy. Find out more about our thematic sectors!

Urban green

Urban areas contain green spaces or green infrastructure, that can also be connected to grey infrastructure. Urban green spaces include, for example: public green areas such as gardens, zoos, parks, castle parks and community gardens. Find out more about our thematic sectors!


Social agriculture is an innovative, inclusive, participatory and generative model of agricultural practices that deliver recreational, educational and assistance services. Find out more about our thematic sectors!

Green care

Natural and semi-natural areas can also be well suited to the creation of tourism products that aim at enhancing the health and well-being of residents as well as visitors through self-organised and organised services and activities. Find out more about our thematic sectors!

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