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The Green4C Business Innovation Challenge (BIC) is a competition for anyone with innovative project ideas in Green Care. The BIC is a free open call that aims to select people and ideas for the Green4C Summer School: specialisation in Green Care entrepreneurship. The Summer School is an exclusive and high-quality learning opportunity, in which top European experts will share their knowledge on best practices, research, and innovation in Green Care. The aim is to provide participants with knowledge and skills on Green Care and how to develop a project or initiative in this sector. Only 25 ideas will be selected for the Summer School.

To participate in the BIC, applicants must submit the online application form in this page by the 1st of May 2022, at 23.59 (CEST). Find out more on the application process and on the prize and fees in the dedicated sections.

The BIC and the Summer School are addressed to:

  • students of environmental, social, health and economics studies or those interested in Green Care
  • people who want to start a Green Care initiative and gain specialised entrepreneurial skills
  • people who want to to share knowledge, learn from best practices and international experts, and network with leading projects and professional in Green Care


To participate in the challenge, applicants must join the Green4C alliance and submit the online application form on this page. Applicants can participate both individually or as a team. In case of selection, we will ask the team to choose only one representative of the team to participate in the school. 

The application form consists of 4 parts:

  • Personal information
  • Your Green Care business idea
  • Internship
  • Use and disclosure of information

For the presentation of your draft idea, you can use whatever media type you want, written or graphic (video, PowerPoint presentation, infographic, etc.). Ideas can involve one or more Green4C’s thematic sectors, i.e. Forest-based care, Urban green care, Social agriculture, and Green care tourism. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a structured project plan, but just a draft concept.

We suggest that in your presentation you answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of societal problem do you want to address? Why do you want to address it? 
  2. What innovative solution(s) do you propose? 
  3. Who are your main beneficiaries? How do you want to address them? 
  4. How does your idea relate to the concept of Green Care? 

Once you start filling out the form, you will have to finish it or start again from scratch (there is no “save” option). For this reason, we suggest you prepare your application in advance. You can find a template of the application form here.

The Selection Committee may deem it necessary to also conduct an interview with the candidates. In this case, time and place of the interview will be agreed with the candidates. Candidates who fail to attend the interview will be automatically excluded from the selection.

Applications must be submitted to the Green4C platform by the 1st of May 2022, at 23.59 (CEST).

There is no fee to participate in the BIC.

Winners of the BIC will gain access the Summer School, a 4 weeks specialisation school on Green Care. Only 25 candidates will be selected.

Being selected for the Summer School does not guarantee the assignment of a scholarship or any other grant.

Learn all the details on the page dedicated to the Summer School.

Applications must be submitted to the Green4C platform by the 1st of May 2022, at 23.59 CEST

For the Business Innovation Challenge

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