We all know that learning is often complimented and improved through action, and the Green4C project will offer a programme of highly innovative opportunities to turn theory into practice. Green4C practice participants will be able to consolidate their knowledge and, at the same time, expand their network with the ultimate goal of bringing their Green Care entrepreneurial dream closer to reality.


Green4C will launch an international call (with a specific EU focus), giving preference to participants of the e-learning course and their final project business plans, for a Business Innovation Challenge.

Through the Green4C platform, applicants will be asked to compete with everyone interested to submit a business plan or project idea in one or more of the four Green4C thematic sectors and following the Green4C challenge guidelines.

All participants of the Innovation Challenge will be asked to create a business plan profile on the platform. A specific section will be developed, and participants will have to promote themselves also by the use of LinkedIn profiles, short videos, etc.

Deadline, 2022.


Green4C will run the world’s first specialisation school on Green Care entrepreneurship and innovation.

Green4C’s partnership of highly-qualified and experienced professionals and scientists will create an intensive programme of training based on presentations, group work, workshops, seminars and field visits to successful case studies. The 20 winning business plans from the business idea competition will gain access to the specialisation school and a European mobility grant.

The specialisation school will also be open to outside applications. These winning participants will have the possibility to grow, mash-up or pivot their ideas/projects. The final aim will be to have each participant start developing their innovative project/business idea in the Green4C thematic sectors.

Deadline, 2022.


Green4C’s other world first! 

The Green Care hackathon, where students, experts, professionals, practitioners, scientists, technicians and others all collaborate in a creative sprint, teaming up with one another to solve a complex Green Care megatrend with an innovative Green Care solution… in 24 hours!!

Deadline, 2022.

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