Green4C project provides training and support for young professionals and students to improve entrepreneurship and innovation skills in the field of Green Care.  The following section, which is constantly being updated, provides access to our resources (reports, market outlooks, case study factsheets) and our online training course. At this early stage of the project several activities still need to be carried out; in the meanwhile you can have a look at our materials list and discover what we are, and will be working on.

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TRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENT Report and Stakeholder Analysis
“The Green Care Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and Stakeholder Analysis Report” is the result of
a) a stakeholder analysis carried out to identify all possible key actors that could be interested and targeted within the project (alliance and training) and b) the TNA survey launched at EU and global level in May 2020.

The survey, distributed throughout the partnership network by means of an online questionnaire collected more than 200 responses. It aims to gain a better understanding of the level of entrepreneurship and innovation education in Green Care within forestry and environmental university courses in Europe and Canada. The results aim to highlight existing skill gaps and emphasize areas for potential improvements to training needs in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation connected with Green Care.

BLUEPRINT on Green Care
An EU blueprint on Green Care will be elaborated analysing key innovation and social entrepreneurship factors related to GC. The report will build on the work carried out in the stakeholder analysis by categorizing and analysing innovation and entrepreneurship in case studies in the Green4C thematic areas, looking at pains and gains, inhibitors and activators to Green Care innovation and business development. It will capitalize on the extensive research experience of the project partners. The report will be the main knowledge tool to set the basis for lobby and dissemination activities. Deadline: Dec, 2020

Green4C team will publish four EU Market outlooks one for each thematic areas: Forest-based Care; Urban Green Care; Social Agriculture; and Green Care Tourism. Four market outlooks will investigate and provide market figures and business models associated to the four main GREEN4C markets. Etifor will work closely with the European Forest Institute and all partners will provide their help to have EU wide coverage of the survey.Deadline: Dec, 2020 june 2021

Our team will publish 20 factsheets on the most innovative business models/best practices/case studies, 5 for each thematic area: Forest-based Care; Urban Green Care; Social Agriculture; and Green Care Tourism.

We are interested in case studies that consider themselves nature-based solutions with a focus on health, well-being, and social inclusion, especially in Europe.

We invite all potential Green4C social innovators and entrepreneurs to join our Alliance and send an e-mail by Friday 9th October 2020 with information describing your ideas to info @ greenforcare.eu. Find out more here.


Interested in starting your own business in Green Care?
The Green4C team guided by Elevate Health will design a high-level online course in entrepreneurship and innovation for students and professionals in the field of Green Care and Green4C’s four thematic sectors. The course will be run on a specialist high-quality, tailor-made and moodle-based Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and taught by Green4C’s well-trained team of professionals and scientists. The course will use online mentoring from a wide network of international stakeholders, online forums, video conferences, social networks and much more, to enhance the learning experience. Deadline, 2021

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