Training needs assessment and Stakeholder Analysis

The “Green Care Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and Stakeholder Analysis Report” is the result of:
– a stakeholder analysis carried out to identify all possible key actors that could be interested and targeted within the project (alliance and training)
– the TNA survey launched at EU and global level in May 2020.

The survey, distributed throughout the partnership network by means of an online questionnaire, collected more than 200 responses. It aims to gain a better understanding of the level of entrepreneurship and innovation education in Green Care within forestry and environmental university courses in Europe and Canada. The results aim to highlight existing skill gaps and emphasize areas for potential improvements to training needs in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation connected with Green Care. Discover more by reading our article about TNA.

EU Blueprint on Green Care & Background Report

This EU blueprint on Green Care builds on the work carried out through the stakeholder and training needs assessment by addressing the need to understand opportunities and challenges for Green Care initiatives.

This is done by analysing innovation and entrepreneurship in Green Care and exploring the supporting innovation system in four different thematic sectors in Europe. The analysis looks at triggers, points of strength and weaknesses of Green Care innovation and business development and capitalises on the extensive research experience of the project partners.

The Blueprint is an important knowledge tool for all involved stakeholders containing recommendations that aim to centre policy on the role of ecosystem services for health, well-being and social inclusion. Download the EU Blueprint on Green Care and the Background report to find out more!

EU Market Outlooks on Green Care

Our team worked on four EU Market Outlooks, one for each Green4C thematic sectors: Forest-based care; Urban green care; Social agriculture; and Green care tourism. The market outlooks investigate and provide market figures and business models associated to the four main Green Care markets. The different outlooks are separate and will be published on the reference page at different times.

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