Creating a Green Care online course

Developing learning modules for the promotion of green and natural approaches to health and social care through sustainable entrepreneurship.

At Elevate Health, developing tailor-made e-learning solutions for the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector is our passion, resulting in our engagement in the Green4C project of the Erasmus+ Programme. With the other partners using their expertise in researching the Green Care subject and market, Elevate got started on translating it to the most fitting learning solution for entrepreneurial practice. Here at Elevate we always work with subject-matter experts and in collaboration we try to figure out what the essence is of what needs to be learned.

But what does a course designing process look like?

The design process and course structure

After the initial agreements were made we started by making a design for the course. This can be considered as an outline with the overall structure of course topics, learning goals and a variety of learning activities. Taking all these elements in consideration and reflecting on the target audience, results in a course design with different learning methods.
Amongst these methods you can find a learning journey, videolectures, interactive webinars, forums, quizzes, collaborative assignments, and presentations.

What’s the course about?

An important aim for the online course is to provide learners with basic knowledge about the project’s sectors, but also to encourage engagement with Green Care initiatives. A big part of the course consists of assignments and activities to stimulate learners with their entrepreneurial initiatives. For example, learners will have a chance to set up their own business in Green Care. Within the course we included a peer-review assignment – a highly effective learning method, but also a nice way to get familiar with other initiatives. Finally, learners will have the chance to present their ideas at the end of the course. Hopefully this will stimulate some interesting Green Care initiatives related to nature-based solutions and Green Care, and specifically to Forest-based care, Social agriculture, Urban green care, and Green care tourism.

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Jelmer Agricola, Floyd van den Berg and Eline Borsboom

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Elevate Health. Photography: Femke van den Heuvel

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