Florencia De Los Santos Garza González

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  • Description

  • Join As: Individual
  • Name: Florencia De Los Santos
  • Surname: Garza González
  • Role: Founder
  • Organisation Name: Laboratorio de Innovación Social Tutores de Resiliencia
  • Main Sector: Voluntary
  • Specific Sector: Others
  • Please Specify: Social Innovation
  • City: Monterrey
  • Country: Mexico
  • Apply As: Green4C Entrepreneur
  • Interested In: Green Care
  • Description: I participated in the Green4 care course and I am interested in participating in the summer camp to better develop my business idea. I have always been interested in nature and I firmly believe in the need we have for it and in the benefits it brings us and the importance of caring for and protecting it. I am certified as a forest therapy guide by the anft and also as a consultant for forest therapy trails. I want to dedicate myself to this as something that I am passionate about and love but also with the conviction that it is necessary for nature and for humanity and I want it to be my life.
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