Bioenergetic Public Park

News from the AllianceAuthor: Marco Nieri
Date: 15 May 2021

A PUBLIC BIOENERGETIC PATH IN BOLZANO (ITALY) The bioenergetic path along the Isarco river is a space that offers the possibility to experience, in an urban area, a very close and deep contact with Nature. An innovative technique, called BIOENERGETIC LANDSCAPES, has been applied to detect the bio-electromagnetic fields generated by trees and their interaction with human body. Following this study, some of these electromagnetic frequencies emitted by trees can have a very favorable effect on certain organs or systems and, in particular conditions, they can extend up to several meters away from the tree, creating “bio-energetic” areas particularly suitable for a regenerating rest. Walking along the promenade visitors can find the bioenergetic areas useful for their well-being. In these areas specific coloured benches have been placed, with the main positively influenced organs written on their backs. Beside, detailed signposts indicate the main human organs on which the energy of the trees can affect with maximum beneficial effectiveness. It is suggested a rest in these areas for at least 15 minutes to enjoy the benefits generously offered by Nature. This is the first public Bioenergetic park in Italy, followed some months later in Venice by another Bioenergetic garden , called Giardino Savorgnan.
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