EU Market Outlooks on Green Care

The focus of Green4C project is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship by integrating health and social care with connection to nature and natural resources and ecosystems in both rural and urban areas. In Green4C, Green Care is the umbrella term referring to the “wide range of activities and targeted beneficiaries, ranging from health and wellbeing promotion (targeted to the wider population) to disease prevention (accessible to a wider population, but typically targeted towards more vulnerable or at risk individuals or groups) and therapeutic interventions which include targeted therapeutic or treatment/ rehabilitation interventions for addressing specific needs” through contact with natural ecosystems and its elements (Mammadova et al., 2021). This conceptualisation is based on a broad understanding of Green Care: it includes the definition of care (i.e. the process of caring for somebody/something and providing what they need for their health or protection), it interprets health holistically and it includes wellbeing as part of the health concept. In this page we have published our four EU Market Outlooks one for each Green4C thematic sectors: Forest-based care; Urban green care; Social agriculture; and Green care tourism. The market outlooks investigate and provide market figures and business models associated to the four main Green Care markets.

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Social Agriculture Market Outlook

Social agriculture (or social farming) can be understood as activities that rely on an agricultural context and use agricultural resources for the provision of care activities and social services. Social agriculture can range from institutional or organisational settings (e.g. hospital, clinic or school) that include specific farming or gardening activities addressed to people with special needs, to family farms that enlarge the scope of their activities to include social services. Download this EU Market Outlook to investigate market figures and business models associated to this sector.

Social Agriculture Market Outlook

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Briers, S., Burlando, C., Doimo, I., O’Connor, D. and Elings, M. (2021). Social Agriculture Market Outlook.
Erasmus+ Green4C project Deliverable 3.4: EU Market Outlooks.

Siebe Briers (European Forest Institute), Catie Burlando (Etifor), Ilaria Doimo (Etifor), Deirdre O’Connor (University College Dublin), Marjolein Elings (Wageningen University and Research)

Rik De Vreese, Tahia Devisscher, Francesca Cirulli, Marta Borgi, Francesco Di Iacovo, Helen
Doherty, Maarten Fischer, Jan Hassink, Aisling Moroney, Roberta Moruzzo, Willem Rombaut, Dorit van Meel, and
Georg Wiesinger.

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Forest-based care market Outlook

During the last 10 years forest-based care practices have gained a lot of attention, especially in healthcare and public health research. Increasing scientific research is demonstrating the benefits of forest-based care on physical and mental health, and in particular in the treatment of anxiety and depression. While the diversity of forest-based care services provides a lot of potential business opportunities, the lack of official recognition makes it difficult to find financial support for these kind of activities. Download this EU Market Outlook to investigate market figures and business models associated to this sector.

Forest-based care Market Outlook

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Fraccaroli, C., Soer, A., Doimo, I., De Vreese R., Devisscher, T., Humer, M., Öllerer, B., Mühlberger, D., Van
Den Bosch, M. (2021). Forest-based care Market Outlook. Erasmus+ Green4C project, Deliverable 3.4: EU Market

Cecilia Fraccaroli, Annebel Soer, Rik De Vreese, (European Forest Institute), Ilaria Doimo (Etifor),
Tahia Devisscher (University of British Columbia), Monika Humer, Barbara Öllerer, Dominik Mühlberger
(Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald), Matilda Van Den Bosch (ISGlobal).

Siebe Briers, Ilaria Doimo, Monika Humer, Barbara Öllerer, Dominik Mühlberger, Tahia Devisscher,
Aynur Mammadova, Dennis Roitsch, Francesca Cirulli, Marta Borgi, Eline Borsboom, Matilda Van Den Bosch.

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